Monday, September 26, 2011

Horses Continued.....

Well I have gone and done it again.  Yes, I am once again a horse owner.  I think that once it is in your blood you are hooked and to not have done it would not be honoring me.  Although the riding part will still be a question mark I have so enjoyed watching him be shown this year that it is almost, not quite, but almost as good.  He is truly an awesome horse.  Kind, brave, and talented. He is by all accounts my dream horse.  It has been a long journey to find Melo and the irony of it all is that he is from the very barn that I was at when I started looking in earnest several years ago.  Since he was born I was told that he was my horse, and in spite of my best efforts to do something different it has come full circle.  He is out of an amazing stallion, "Hes Lopin Supreme" or better known as Josh who is putting babies on the ground that not only turn heads, but are wickedly talented.  He is 3, and is progressing great under saddle. 

MGM Performance horses have done it right and he was started slow and they are determined to make him the perfect amateur horse for me.  Will I ride competitively again?  I don't know that just yet.  I know my docs would prefer that I not, but they said "if it is a quality of life issue" we get it.  Lets face it I have metal in my back and anything I do other than being wrapped in bubble wrap is an issue.  I want to live my life without regret and in as normal of a manner as I can.  So I will hope, I will try, and I will keep my fingers crossed as I watch Melo become all that I know he will be.  BTW - I let the hubby pick his registered name and it suits him - "Hes The Chip Leader."

Spokane INPHC Show Trail

Melo at Zone - Reserve Junior Western Pleasure

He is Hubby Safe

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