Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals Revisted...

I know it has been a while, but life is keeping me busy.  If it is not work, it is life itself.  It makes me happy that I can finally enjoy a few simple pleasures after all I have been through this year.  I have recollection of something that I heard Kenny Rogers say in an interview about life - "You need someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to," or some variation.  It always stuck with me because there is some real truth in that.  When life is absent some key elements we feel less than whole.  That is how I have felt for months since my accident.  Not whole and without a true direction.  Sure I had some of the elements, but you need something to look forward to or at least I know I do.

Well, that has gotten so much better in the last few months.  As you may recall we started looking for a house in May and it took some time, but we finally closed last month on a darling place in Avondale, AZ.  I call it my "Sun on Demand" house.  Boy last week when I got my chance to finally see it in person Arizona was in full summer mode.  It was 108 on most days and hot is just hot, not mincing words here.  You know what, I loved it!  The heat felt like a warm blanket surrounding me and made me feel whole.  I forgot about my back and was able to just be me.  I got to swim, but I still cannot do the crawl, just the breast stroke or dog paddle.  My foot still swelled up, but I don't feel the metal in my back when I have the heat.  It was wonderful. 

I love the house!  Yes, we bought it off the Internet, believe it or not and we did pretty good if I can say so.  It needs some TLC, but nothing that is not doable with a little $$$.  Yup, in one weekend I blew my furniture budget on paint - inside and out and flooring.  Oh well, at least it will look good, not sure what we will sleep on though :).  Gotta get the house ready for our big Monsoon Party to celebrate a few things that are milestones for us this year not to mention me being able to amble about.  Looking forward to many years and memories with friends and family at our little piece of sunshine in Arizona.

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