Friday, June 17, 2011

Wow, it has been a while......

Yes, I have been MIA for about a month now.  I guess sometimes you just need to feel it to want to blog on a regular basis and I have not really been feeling it lately.  I am, if nothing, truly honest.  I saw a dear friend this week for dinner and she said, don't stop so here's to Lulu - I am blogging again honey since you are keeping me honest. 

Loved Arizona last month and am still lamenting that our weather here in dear WA just cannot seem to get it's collective act together.  I felt so darn good in Arizona that I truey believed that this accident never happened.  My back incision (yup I will get graphic) healed finally while I was down there.  By body did not hurt, not one part of it, and I got to sit in the sun and swim everyday.  I cannot swim like I did before, but hey doing the breast stroke and just letting the zero gravity feel of the water take effect was wonderful.

We looked at a bunch of houses and we determined quickly which neighborhoods we liked and which one's we did not.  We made one offer, but it turned out we just missed out being first on that one so we are second in line on that short sale.  I am learning tons about the whole Arizona real estate situation.  We made another offer on a short sale last week and our offer was accepted.  Now, don't get excited here because all that means is that we sit and wait for the owner to be approved to short sale their house and as our realtor says that could be weeks or months.  Keep looking she said!  So, do we have a house or "not?"  I would say not, but "maybe" is the true answer.  So we keep looking.  Both are nice houses and would totally work!

It is so odd to not be riding these days.  I got a beautiful plate in the mail from APHA to celebrate finishing 4th in Zone One for my division about two weeks ago.  It was a total surprise and I rearranged the office to make a space for the many winnings from last year.  It makes me happy to think about the year and to remember the fun and excitement that I so enjoyed.  Wish I was still there doing it, work and all.  Boy do I miss it all......

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