Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now I have More Time

Not doing the horse hobby had afforded me a couple of things - more time and money.  Yes, I notice my check book is much nicer every month and most weekends I have plenty of time to do what ever.  Not sure the hubby appreciates me in his space, but he is being a good sport and I try not to ask for the remote when he is watching his favorite weekend shows.  Sunday morning is especially sacred, not because he is heading to church mind you, but because of the political, wonky shows he loves watching - Meet the Press anyone?

I miss my hobby and yet I have felt so not up to it that I have not even been able to make it to the local shows to watch.  Being off the pain meds you notice ever twinge and the foot swells and hurts every time I walk on it too much.  By the end of the week I need at least one day to recover.  I use to go none stop and now I just feel beat.

Next Sunday we are heading to Arizona to look at houses.  Yup, we are going to buy a retirement home with the prices being so dang great there we just can't pass it up.  With all the rain here I think retirement is going to come sooner verses later.  I love the desert, and its stark., but unique beauty.  I want a yard that is low maintenance and cactus seem so stately and there are so many different kinds.  People ask me, but won't you miss the green of Washington?  No!  I really won't, I will happily trade the over 170 days of rain so far for blue sky's and sun, even if it is 110.  No, problem cause I will go swim in my pool. 

Having this diversion right now is good because as I wait out the recovery process with all of the twists and turns it takes having something else to focus on has kept me sane.  Besides you can ride horses year around in Arizona, right :).

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