Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now The Foot.....

You would think no news is good news because it has been a while since the last post, but no I just have not had anything productive to contribute so I have not felt like writing.  Healing is a process and as I have gone along there continues to be one thing nagging and  it is that darn right foot.  Yes, I still feel like I walk like a wheeble wabble, and I can't find shoes that will work, my arches are falling, and I feel way older than anyone should at my age, but that darn foot just won't get better.

It bothered me in the hospital from day one.  It was bruised and swollen and looked like it had been sprained.  They xrayed when I was in Harborview  and nothing, but it has never been quite right.  I think I wrenched it in the fall.  Maybe it got hung up in the stirrup which I cannot really remember because everything happened so fast.  My current rehab doctor thinks I may have torn a ligament and that is why it keeps causing the foot to swell as I use it more. 

Next week I am getting a MRI and have been referred to a Ortho doctor who specializes in sports injuries.  It sounded really cool and then I realized that is what I have.  It was a dramatic sports injury and boy it could have been way worse, but yes I guess I do fit into that category.  So off I will go to yet another doctors appointment in hopes that they will solve the problems or at least give me some hope.

So most days now my foot swells up.  It is very painful and I can't sleep.  So as I lay awake for yet another night I try all the tricks, reading, TV, etc... and then I give in and take a pain pill which knocks me out.  In some cases I can take the pain pill and it does nothing and then I wrap the foot with my "Back on Track" polo wraps and it usually feels great almost immediately.  Their products are wonderful and not just for horses I tell you.  Check out the website for great horsey and human products.

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