Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to Mercy Grace and Progress

Ok, so now I see doctors and health care professional more than I see my husband.  No, really, between my physical therapist and my Docs at Harborview and the Spine Clinic I seem to have multiple appointments ever month.  Now I know what it is like to have a "chronic" condition. 

I have been back at work for four weeks and the feet are really feeling it.  Those darn concrete floors are causing my right ankle to swell again.  We have had to up the nerve medicine due to increased nerve pain.  I guess I can say that work is really a pain in my foot!  When I work from home it is not so bad and at least then I can avoid more pain meds.  It is a never ending battle.  The feet, well I am afraid this is my injury legacy.

Return visit to the spine clinic and once again we get more xrays to look at the hardware.  My doc is another "McDreamy, " OMG I thought I was dreaming and really on Grey's Anatomy this time.  I am so glad I had a brand new pedicure as he was manipulating my bad right foot this way and that.  Yes, it is very shallow of me, but heck it is my story right! 

The back is improving and the hardware has not moved.  Gotta wear the brace for a little longer when out in public and at work, but everyone was very happy.  The good news is no back pain even when they had me bend over and then arch backwards to take the xrays.  Yup, I felt like a pretzel, but was amazed there was no pain.  It did feel strange and a little stiff, but it was progress.  

Today I took my first shower in 11 weeks without the brace - It was Amazing!  I had this goofy grin on my face the whole time and will never forget what this part of the recovery has been like.  I have endured having to be confined in this brace all waking hours, had to wear it day in and day out .  I had to put my clothes on and off all while rolling around on my bed each day before I put the brace on.  Yes, I did this for 11 weeks. I hated every moment of it, but in a odd sort of way the brace has become like a safety net and it will be strange to be rid of it all together.

Next week I start more intensive core work to ensure that I am ready to be out in public without the brace.  I love my PT "J" who is also a horse person.  She is really great at what she does and has been very careful and mindful of my therapy.  She has taught me how to walk all over again so that I won't put stress on my spine and the hardware.  She is sure I will ride again and that has been so nice to have someone who understands my dreams. 

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