Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleep, Elusive Sleep...........

OK, how long will the foot pain go on I keep asking myself each night?  I hate to grumble here but as I say to people when they ask, "How are you doing?"  "There are Good Days and Bad Days."  I have been having a string of not so good days and it is really not too much fun.

My right foot is not tolerating "Work."  Yes, you ask how is that?  Well, it is because the floors at the office building I work in are too hard!  Yup, carpet with very little pad over concrete is not working out so well for me and my foot.  I worked from home yesterday and what a difference, but then what do I go and do?  I forget to take the nerve medicine before going to bed, so here I am at 3:00 am going why is my darn foot still hurting me?  Duh! 

I guess I have been able to test if I can wean myself off the nerve medicine and the answer is not yet.  Being less than full functioning along with not feeling great for so long can be wearing.  I feel for anyone with a chronic condition as I have a sense of what my issues may be like longer term.  I feel like the right foot is going to be my continued nemesis.  It has gotten better, but it will not ever be right 100% again.  That makes me sad.  I have to continue to remind myself of my good fortune in this situation or you can tend to  dwell on the little things.  Like that darn right foot.  Wasn't that a movie?  Something like that right?

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