Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shoes - A Whole New World Awaits

Since progressing with my rehab I have found that the balance issues need to be addressed through better arch supports and the right shoes.  I discovered, very close to home, a great store that sells shoes for those of us who have "feet issues."  Yes, it is one of those stores that I would have never set foot in before my accident (sorry I couldn't help that), but now I am so happy they exist.  They have a very nice selection of shoes with great arch support and that in some cases (not all) can be stylish in their own way. 

I have discovered that I  love "Danskos!  I have always been a fan of clogs so they were not a stretch for me, but they really have a great support that I now need for my arch, particularly on my right foot, which as I said probably will never be totally right again.  I sure wish the hubby had found this store when he went on his wild adventure trying to find me some shoes while I was starting rehab.  I am sure he would have balked at the price tag, but hey at least my first few venture walking in rehab would have been less painful.  Recall the nice black pair of shoes he thought were going to work for me??

So now I have to look at what I wear on my feet a little differently.  The hubby calls me "Imelda" which for those of you who don't recall was the former first lady of the Philippines who had a stagger number of shoes.  Well, I certainly don't have the number that she has, but I am one of those people who thinks each outfit deserves matching shoes, and I do have a closet full of shoes, well actually two.....  So what do I do now?  Now I have to make sure that my removable arch supports go in the shoes I intend to wear if they are not good shoes with arch supports.  So, some of my shoes will work with my new situation, but many will not.  Sounds like a shoe buying opportunity to a certain degree?? 

The problem with these new "special shoes" is they are not cheap!  They are all over $100 easy and that will certainly make me pause in picking up a couple of  pairs to match  my outfits.  So, I guess I may become someone who has a limited shoe collection.  I know right now I cannot wear heels, but I love variety  in my shoes so I am feeling a little restricted with the thought of limiting my shoe options.  I have not even started to think about my boots, yikes, at least I think they all should be good with the arch inserts.  Oh, did I mention that the removable inserts are $30 for a pair.  Sounds like the price of shoes, or I should say the former price of shoes I would buy.  

Just another one of the adjustments I have finding I have to make in my new world.  May seem trivial, but just think about how important walking is and you will realize that these are the types of things that can be very important for my progress in rehab.  I guess the hubby will get to stop calling me "Imelda."

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