Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Recovery Process Continued

When you have something happen in your life that requires you to take a pause and evaluate the next steps many time you may not be fully aware of where the path is going to go.  With an accident such as mine or any other the recovery process will have different stages.  Going from living life at full speed to turtle pace for me has been a definite eye opener.  Was I living life in too crazed a manner?  Had I taken time to smell the roses?  All good questions that I have now had time to ponder. 

Rehab has progressed since I got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago.  I have been doing outpatient physical therapy at the Providence Everett's campus and my therapist "J" is top notch.  She makes it fun, interesting, challenging and is a horse person which just adds to the full package.  She understands what happened to me fully and the deep desire I have to ride again.  She has added to my home exercise program and continues to evaluate what we need to do to address my continuing progress. 

Every day at home I ride my recumbent exercise bike and have steadily increased the number of miles I am riding and  am currently I am doing over 5 miles in 40 minutes.  I get stronger every day and am increasing my stamina.  I also do about 30 to 40 minutes of different exercises to build strength, balance and flexibility.  My right leg and foot remain my nemesis and I keep working hard to improve both including my big toe which is still not bending like the left toe.  I am doing exercises where I roll my foot on a tennis ball and attempt to pick up a towel with my toes on the right foot all in an effort to help the foot and toes regain their memory. You don't realize how important having the correct use of your toes are – they grip to help provide balance and stability which happens while we stand, walk and lean forward, backward and side to side.   On a good note I am very strong thanks to boot camp classes and Pilates.  Starting out by being in decent shape has really helped me progress quicker than most according to “J”.  So note to self stay fit and always make time to take care of your body.  You never know when it will pay off.

I have gotten very adept at managing my brace by myself and can take it off and put it on without any assistance.  This has allowed the hubby to return to work and I am able to be self-sufficient at night and during the day.  Getting well has it challenges and for me it is the waiting it out part.  Anyone who thinks that hanging out at home all day on medical leave would be fun has to be crazy.  It is not, it is boring, and for those of us who are used to daily interaction and lead a full active life it is near torturous.  I get to have my first post hospital MD apt this Friday with the Spine doctor and can hardly wait to find out what is next.  I hope that all is healing well and I am on track to progress as planned.  Plus I have tons of questions regarding long term prognosis that I was not fully coherent to ask while in the hospital.  More to come for sure……….

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