Friday, March 25, 2011


Everyday is a new journey as I progress in this new life.   I am happy still to be alive and walking, but I want this dog gone brace off in the worst way possible!  I really hate it in a way that I have never, ever hated anything.  I will survive, but boy this has been a challenge.  Last weekend I attended a horse show which traditionally has been the kick off to the show season.  Yes, it would have been my first show on Casey had we been able to ride.  Was it tough?  Well, it was different since we have known for a long time I would not ride this year, but being able to ride again in general has been in question so a show is really inconsequential.

I saw my rehab doctors a little over a week ago and asked to have them consider returning me to work. For those of you who know me my job in Human Resources can be done for the most part via phone and computer as well as conference call.  Just prior to my injury I started a new job which would require more travel throughout the state of WA, and I acquired a new team.  So, of course I had to have an accident to test how they could handle all of this and more.  What I can say is my team passed with flying colors.  What an incredible team of women who pulled together, supported each other and along with my boss who filled in while I was out made it all work.  You all ROCK! 

Yes, despite the intense negotiations with my two rehab Docs and my hubby who all thought I should be off of work longer I went back this week to work full time.  I have taken it easy and am glad for the mental stimulation and human interaction.  I was very tired by today, but I am glad I insisted that this would work out.  My body is willing and physically I am feeling OK.  I will pace myself and make sure that I don't over do it.  Glad for the weekend for a little rest and relaxation.  All is going well and we are on the count down for the brace to come off on tax day.  Mark your calendar!

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