Monday, March 7, 2011

Horses - Continued.....

It is like a chronic disease or condition.  It is always there and I guess I would call it horseitis.  It has to be in your blood or you wouldn't do it.  You wouldn't spend hours in a cold barn getting ready for a show or practicing for an event where you will likely spend hours waiting for a class or for it to start, only to have to hurry up to get you and your horse ready into the class or event.  You wouldn't be around all the dust, dirt, hay, "poop" and subject your self to all that goes into it if it wasn't in your blood. 

Beyond all of the above there is the fun of it which includes spending time with great people who "get it and get your disease," primping and cleaning both horse and tack until both shine and glimmer.  Spending hours fine tuning you and your horse in preparation for the show or event.   Picking out an amazing outfit that compliments both the horse and rider and then swallowing the knot in your throat, sitting up straight, and tall and riding into an arena that seems way bigger than when you were practing in it to show in your class or participate in your event. 

It gets into your blood when you begin to show your horse or do any type of competition and you can't wait for the next one.  To fine tune, fix the errors, strive for perfection, and do it all over again.  In spite of the extreme exhaustion of being on your feet for days on end, and doing more physical work than anyone would every believe you crave the next show or event and can't wait for it to get here.  Yes, ask any horse person who is into showing or doing anything with their horses and your will see the light in their eyes and the passion of hope for the next planned event.  It has to be a disease because ordinary people wouldn't do it.  Just talk to them a little about it and they don't seem to understand why we would do it either?

So, in dedication to all my "Horsey Friends" have a safe and amazing show season this year!  Enjoy the journey and I will continue to work hard so that I too can be back "hopefully" next season with the light in my eyes and craving the next show just like I know you are.  Giddy Up!

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