Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goals and Dreams

Having goals and dreams in my opinion are a good thing.  I have always had goals - personal, work, hobby.  It keeps me focused on where I am going.  It suits my need to have something that I am working towards for completion.  I have used various means and methods over the years to track my goals and found just writing them down and keeping a list seems to work best for me.  It is always amazing to look back on it and see how I can just check them off, completed, achieved, done.  It feels so good.

In talking to a friend recently about goals I realized that not everyone is goal oriented.  Some people would just rather let life come at them and bounce with it.  I guess that is OK, but at times those same people may be the ones that wonder why things happen the way the do, instead of having a life guide by which to live and make certain decisions that can be life impacting.  I guess I don't understand this. If you don't want to call them goals then call them dreams - things that you dream of doing one day.  Get some clarity around your dreams,  get specific and commit to them. 

There are great tools available for first timers to goal setting.  "Mind Tools" has a life evaluation guide which can be a great first step in the goal setting process.  Visit their web site for tons of incredible resources.  Additionally, I am a huge fan of creating a "Picture Book or Treasure Map" what ever you want to call it.  Essentially for those visual people you are creating a goal collage of pictures that represent the goals you have set and are working towards.  Cut out pictures from magazines, take pictures, what ever works so that you create that visual picture to focus on.  In using this in the past I found it to be very effective in helping me keep the goals I had set right in front of me and helped me focus and achieve them.

Also, I have found, through trial and error that being very specific about the details of one's goals  can be critical.  You can say "I want to go to Hawaii," but if you don't nail down when, which Islands and then with whom, and outline what you want to do when you get there all you have is a wish.  The specifics of goals can make or break achieving them in a successful manner.  Remember the adage "The Devil is in the Details" well it is true and can make or break the success of your goal setting.  It is the one thing that you did not think was important enough to consider that can cause the most grief.  Be specific.

Today, right now, all my goals have changed.  It is amazing how one life event can have you reevaluate everything.  I am in the process of doing just that.  It is going to take some time since life is very much focused on the goal of rehabilitation as of today.  Sure there are a few other things revolving around, but my everyday is focused on getting stronger, having more balance and healing.  I cannot have another focus since my life going forward depends on my current outcome.  Goals - well I want the big toe and the one next to it on my right foot to bend better and be able to support and balance me so I can walk without the use of a cane.  Will it be perfect?  Maybe not, but both my PT "J" and I believe that it will be better than the doctors say it will.  We are focused, goal oriented women who want more for me than just accepting that "it is what it is and that maybe I won't need to use a cane."  Really Doc?  I guess you don't know me.

Lesson Number 7- Create Goals in your life to help focus, guide, and give you clarity about what is really important.

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