Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Visit or Not, That is The Question??

I was so blessed to have an incredible number of people come and visit me during my stay at Harborview in both the hospital and in Rehab as well as now while I am at home continuing my recovery.  I can say without hesitation that this has truly sustained me.  The hubby knew it so he was always encouraging people to stop by and see me "she loves it" he would say!  Bad hair days, no make-up, drugs, and pain, none of that mattered if I had someone to chat with to help distract me and take me to a different place.  Family, friends, co-workers and people I had not seen in years, I was having the social time of my life in an odd sort of way.  So why is it that this is when we rally?  I cannot really tell you, but I know sometimes we feel like not everyone likes all the attention when they are down and out.

I know for many people there are certain values in place when people are not feeling well, we leave them alone.  Of course you don't want to intrude or bother them right?  Well, I would challenge you to re-think that and at least make the overture.  People can always say, "No thanks, I would prefer no visitors," but if you never ask than they may sit all alone, with bad  hospital food, no cable TV and no inclination to want to read.  That would have been me for sure. I was so use to being on the go all of the time to then go to spending two weeks most of the time flat on my back I did not know what to do with myself.  I usually like to read, but only magazines seemed to catch my attention.  TV was of little interest, since I have never been a big TV junkie, so no Soaps for me.  Talking on the phone was great, but during the day most people I know are working and the hubby and my mom had already made their phone calls most days to me when I was trying to fill time.

Without my visitors I really would have been in a way worse place and felt totally disconnected from my world.  Being home most days now for my continuing recuperation is barely tolerable without my people connections.   I am, and always will be, a people person.  I am around people all day when I am working and love it.  I have an amazing team of women who I work with that keep me motivated to be the best leader I can be.  In my job I get to support some incredible supervisors, managers and VP's, so people are what I am all about and to remove that from my world would be intolerable.

So, the next time someone you know is out of commission, in the hospital or just not feeling well reach out, stop by ,and visit or make an oveature so that they know you care.  It may just make the difference in their recovery.  PS, the flowers, cards, e-mails and phone calls were amazing as well and just added to the joy and love I felt each and everyday - I could feel myself improving with just the positive energy that it gave me.   Sometimes is does take a  village......

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