Monday, February 21, 2011

SCI - The Latest Acronym I Get To Learn

OK, so I have a SCI, a Spinal Cord Injury.  Yup, might as well say it.  Yes, the wonderful doctors at Haborview were able to put me back together, but I was and will remain broken.  You may fix the issue, but the injury remains.  My spinal column was reduced by 50% at T12 and I had a nick on my spinal cord caused by a bone fragment.  All of these have been fixed, but the results are what I am experiencing. 

Might as well say it since that is why this post is happening at 1:30 am when I cannot sleep due to the pain.  In the hospital it was OK, but at night it is terrible, nights are the worst.  I have tried every bed in the house, sitting, standing, walking, just have to keep moving to not notice it.  I hope and pray it gets better, but right now it is not good.  Yes, I will be real here since that is the only way I know how to be.

My body does not work the same as it did. My right side is now my weaker side.  My left is so much stronger.  The big toe and the one next to it on my right foot don't move.  They are kind of like foreign objects on my body.  I keep trying, but they just won't bend.  I cannot raise my right root up on my toes on one foot.  I can do with both feet, but not on the right.  I think I sprained my right ankle when I fell.  It keeps swelling up.  It did not seem right in the hospital so they x-rayed it and it was not broken. 

I have to tell my body what to do now with a SCI, nothing is automatic.  Lift your leg to climb the stairs.  tighten your muscles in your legs and glutes to walk.  Don't swing your hips because that will move your back which we don't want to do right now.  The good news is with work things can and do get better.  How much remains to be seen. 

I work out and do my exercises everyday.  I will start PT again next week.  Yes, it is hard and yes it is not what I envisioned that I would do, but remember I am tough and I keep at it every day.  The pain is hard.

Lesson number 3 - Live Each Day as Though It Were Your Last (I will live by this going forward forever since my last day as the former me was 1/29/11), Good Night!

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