Thursday, February 17, 2011


OK, so who really wants to go to Harborview?  If you have lived in Seattle long enough you know a few things - you will meet many characters at a County hospital.  But, the real reason to go to Harborview is because they do Trauma better than anyone else around. Grey's Anatomy can't even stand up to them. 

The ambulance ride seemed quick from Everett to Seattle and they even turned on the siren which was kind of cool.  Being on a back board and unable to see anything except what was straight above me gave me an interesting perspective on the experience to say the least. 

For those who have known me over the years this was not my first ambulance ride to a hospital due to a horse riding incident.  I think I should take note.  It does get a little fuzzy as they continue to give me the pain medication so here is my best recollecting of the events.

I am rolled into a room in the ER and the questions start again.  Lulu, my steadfast companion and advocate, is there by my side and then of course I have to sign off that she can be there, sure no problem. 

The room is cordoned off with a highly effective sheet drape barricade that makes for absolutely no privacy, but hey you just roll with it.  A legion of junior doctors want to roll me over and look at my back to see if there is a wound.  Lulu to the rescue as she sends them off - what the heck are you thinking "Look at the info that came down with us from Everett???"  The CT scan shows it all! The said they don't trust other hospitals.  OK, so off I go to the MRI so they can know what is going on.  Don't move me you guys, I have a spinal cord injury!

Of course it would not be Harborview without the requisite crazy person begging for drugs in the draped off area next to me.  He was loud, he was rude, and of course the police want to have him shackled down (Lovely).  He was not a total bad guy cause once he got the pain meds he came around and apologized for his behavior.  What a great place for K (stepdaughter) to be and see at 14, but she was a real trooper. 

I cannot thank Lulu enough for being there with me and being my advocate in the hospital.  She helped ensure that I would be able to walk out!  (Lesson number 2 - if you think you can't advocate for yourself have someone there to do it for you)

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