Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grey's Annatomy For Real

I am a real Grey's Anatomy fan.  In fact I credit that show for helping me tolerate blood.  Not ER, or St. Elsewhere (remember that one) all of which I have been a fan of off and on over the years.  Grey's is my favorite for sure and if I can't watch when it is on I definitely catch up on it with my DVR. 

Being in Harborview was my own Grey's Anatomy episode.  Day one in the ER after I found out that I could self medicate - gotta love those little buttons, I was ready for anything.  I felt pretty good as drugs can do for you when you are sick.  My room mate (Yup, have one of those cordoned off rooms with a curtain again), was in way worse shape than me.  She had been in a car accident and had a tube down her throat to breathe.  I spent most of my two nights in ICU listening  her night nurse telling her what happened and why they had her hands tied down - cause she was trying to pull the tube out.  Press the little button Michelle and go night, night :)

By day two I was feeling pretty good and before I knew it my room was filled with junior docs and their teacher.  Wow, they all had the blue scrubs and white coats they listened intently as my ICU nurse "E" gave them a full report.  Some were taking notes, but most were all staring at me and their teacher was reading all the medical terms etc... about my surgery and prognosis.  Was it a dream?  I am in a Grey's Anatomy episode and that doctor teaching them is Meridith, right?  It really was very cool to know that this is how it really works.

I got moved out of ICU pretty quickly, I don't think I was really there 48 hours.  Not sick enough, off to medical floor for you.  I have always been a bit of a medical junky, with a Mom who is a nurse, a sister who is a pharmacist and two cousins that are doctors.  I have always wanted to know how it all worked and what it meant.  I am very logical and sequential so medicine works for me.  If I could do it over I would have been a vet, a doctor for animals seems easier than one for people. So unfortunately, I understood what was going on most of the time and it  also means that you end up knowing a bit too much about your medical condition...........

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