Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Accident Part 2

After the paramedics got me off the arena ground and into the ambulance I asked them to take me to Providence, Everett.  Why?  Well, because it was close to home and Harborview (The only level 1 Trauma Center serving 4 states - WA, AK, MT, ID) always seems to be where the toughest cases went and of course I didn't need all that right??

I asked Lulu to accompany me in the ambulance and to not leave me because I had no idea when Bob may be able to connect with us.  Lulu was a nurse and she would not let anything happen to me (remember be your own advocate), and boy, no one would mess with her when she had your back.  I chose well as I would later find out.  The paramedics would not let Lulu ride in the back of the ambulance with me ( that only happens in the movies), but she sat up front with the driver and could talk to me through an open window that connected with the back compartment. 

Staring at the ceiling of an ambulance strapped to a hard back board is no fun.  I started to feel anxious and asked the paramedic if I could hold his hand.  He obliged and tried to comfort and distract me.  Every bump of the road was excruciating to my back.  We got to Providence and the questions started again - what happened, did you hit your head, what is your address...... I could have recited it all in my sleep at this point.  Bob and K (my step daughter) arrived in the emergency room and many comments ensued about how much dirt I drug with me from the arena.  I was a little embarrassed, but that passed when they said they were going to take me for a CT scan.  OK, now we would know what we had going on here. 

This is where is starts getting a little fuzzy as they continued to give me pain medication ( morphine) and boy they kept it coming.  I had to sign a release to let Lulu stay with us in the ER and to have information about my condition.  Boy, they are serious about the privacy info, but I wanted her near by and readily signed away.  The next thing I knew after the CT scan they were sending me to Harborview?? Why?  I guess I missed that part, but would find out soon.  Oh, boy Harborview here we come......

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  1. I understand! I had a Medic One ride in an ambulance after a car accident and it felt like I was being drug by a rope on a skate board! I felt EVERY bump along the way.