Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Accident Part 1

It really is amazing how you know something is terribly wrong the moment it happens.  I knew I was broken and when my legs began to go numb and tingle as I lay there on the arena ground I knew it was my back.  I had help and comfort immediately as my trainer-"K" and "Lulu" as well as others were right there.  "Can you get up "K" asked?" No, I broke my pelvis or my back, call 911 and someone please get my cell phone so I can call Bob ( the hubby).  I knew where my car keys were and I could direct "C" to my car and to get my purse.  Bring the purse not just the phone I told her since I knew I would not be coming back to drive home. 

It seemed like forever for them to get in touch with Bob and for the paramedics to arrive.  I really wasn't in much pain, more scared than anything.  I could feel my toes, good sign right? They wanted to put a blanket over me and to prop up my head I didn't want them to do that.  Don't move my legs I told them and I was insistent. 

Things flash through your mind so quickly and I had to go there - well if I am paralyzed at least I can move my arms, that is better than others.  It was done, I couldn't go back, all I could do was go forward.

The paramedics arrived in force.  Big burly guys surrounded me.  OK, life wasn't all bad that day.  They came at me from every direction - starting the pain meds, asking me questions.  "Did you hit your head?" "No, I landed on my right hip and back side."  I did not lose consciousness, I was alert for every moment.

They wanted to move me and I would not let them roll me or move my legs.  I made them get creative to get me off of that arena ground and part of the arena dirt ended up coming with us.  They used a back board that was split to scoop me up and wrapped my legs so they would not move.   Of course in true medic fashion they wanted to cut off my clothes and once again I held fast - Nope, you can cut off the shirt sleeves, but the pants stay on until we get into the ambulance.  Some how it was not that important as they were able to remove all my clothing later at the hospital without further damage to them or me.  Lesson Number 1 - Be your own advocate.

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  1. Wow, this explanation of how you felt at the time, right after impact, scares me.