Tuesday, June 4, 2013

With Hope Life Goes On...

Well,  2012 was a pretty tough year of continuing rehab in mind and body.  One thing I have learned is that these things take time.  Years in fact.  It is hard to put your life in the limbo while you work to get better.  I am not by nature a patient person so this time has seemed like it was creeping by.

In May of 2012 I found that my medication had continued to cause me to gain weight.  I was desperately trying to find something that would work for me.  I read the book "Wheat Belly" after losing about 11 pounds and the light bulb went off.  Wow, it was wheat and wheat products that seemed to be the slow down in how my body now metabolized food.  As soon as I added wheat back into my diet my weight loss slowed to a halt.  That was the key, so here goes nothing, and I decided to not eat any wheat products and the weight just began to drop off.

Since my back limits what I can do from a physical stand point I have to be creative and just keep moving in some way.  I still ride the recumbent bike and do exercises similar to those I learned in rehab and physical therapy as well as some Pilates, which is the wonder exercise regime.  I gradually lost over 41 pounds in over the course of a year!  The hubby even joined me as we had to both make it work or the crackers and bread would still be around.  I can proudly say we lost a small toddler between the two of us.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"My Rockstar"

You don't expect a doctors appointment to make you feel like you met a rock star, but then again who does?  It was back to "Seattle Grace" for a follow-up on my back and yes, of course, sitting and waiting to be seen in walks another Dr. McDreamy.  Does this office even employ any doctors who are not super attractive or what?  I am not complaining mind you.  Xrays, exam, and then a few questions on my part and off goes the "baby doc" to talk to my surgeon. 

Did I expect to see him under more normal circumstances than under the influence of morphine or let's face it flat out on my face with my not so best side showing for well, 7 hours?  Great, I guess if you are doing back surgery that is what you see of most people.  5 minutes later and in he walks, and I am reduced to being star struck.  This is the man who literally put my vertebrae back together, he is part of the reason that my spinal cord is not more damaged than it is.  He is my hero. 

I maintain composure and ask all my questions which he answers patiently.  Wow, he is so calm, cool and really nice.  He shows me the MRI imaging and which piece of vertebrae caused the spinal cord damage.  He is kind, patient and really helped me understand so much more about where I am now, Wow!  I am on cloud 9 for the rest of the day and into the next.  Thanks Dr. B and crew at The Spine Clinic at Harborview , the Hospital, and Rehab you all Rock!  This is how I choose to recognize the anniversary of the day that changed my life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Continued....

The horse show season is over.  I am sad, but hopeful since a new show season will start very soon.  With the APHA World Show starting in Nov - best of luck to all my APHA friends who are competing - live your dreams, don't hold back and enjoy every moment.

Melo did so well this year as a mere "baby" and pointed out in Green Horse- Western Pleasure and is real close in Junior Horse -Western Pleasure.  It makes me so proud that he did so well with such limited showing.  I can't wait for the future and hope that I can ride....

On another note the Arizona house is almost ready for occupancy with the big "Monsoon" party planned in just a few weeks.  Each decade I have a "holding party" before I transition to the next decade and this year we get to have it in Arizona at our new house.  The weather has been great all year and this week it continues to be over 100 so I am sure that my birthday will be with wonderful 80 plus temps and lots of fun, cocktails, and sun will be had by all.  I can't wait to continue to enjoy the house for years to come. 

It has been a real tough year for our family and  yet as I look back I realize how glad I am that I am one who looks forward.   I have always tired hard to not dwell on the negative, to look forward and be optimistic and to keep faith and have hope.  Without those things you could certainly find yourself sinking into despair if you were to just look at the challenges that many of us are dealt.  That being said each day I try be optimistic, to be real and to look down the road to the many things that I have yet to discover.  Life, it will keep you guessing.......

Monday, September 26, 2011

Horses Continued.....

Well I have gone and done it again.  Yes, I am once again a horse owner.  I think that once it is in your blood you are hooked and to not have done it would not be honoring me.  Although the riding part will still be a question mark I have so enjoyed watching him be shown this year that it is almost, not quite, but almost as good.  He is truly an awesome horse.  Kind, brave, and talented. He is by all accounts my dream horse.  It has been a long journey to find Melo and the irony of it all is that he is from the very barn that I was at when I started looking in earnest several years ago.  Since he was born I was told that he was my horse, and in spite of my best efforts to do something different it has come full circle.  He is out of an amazing stallion, "Hes Lopin Supreme" or better known as Josh who is putting babies on the ground that not only turn heads, but are wickedly talented.  He is 3, and is progressing great under saddle. 

MGM Performance horses have done it right and he was started slow and they are determined to make him the perfect amateur horse for me.  Will I ride competitively again?  I don't know that just yet.  I know my docs would prefer that I not, but they said "if it is a quality of life issue" we get it.  Lets face it I have metal in my back and anything I do other than being wrapped in bubble wrap is an issue.  I want to live my life without regret and in as normal of a manner as I can.  So I will hope, I will try, and I will keep my fingers crossed as I watch Melo become all that I know he will be.  BTW - I let the hubby pick his registered name and it suits him - "Hes The Chip Leader."

Spokane INPHC Show Trail

Melo at Zone - Reserve Junior Western Pleasure

He is Hubby Safe

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals Revisted...

I know it has been a while, but life is keeping me busy.  If it is not work, it is life itself.  It makes me happy that I can finally enjoy a few simple pleasures after all I have been through this year.  I have recollection of something that I heard Kenny Rogers say in an interview about life - "You need someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to," or some variation.  It always stuck with me because there is some real truth in that.  When life is absent some key elements we feel less than whole.  That is how I have felt for months since my accident.  Not whole and without a true direction.  Sure I had some of the elements, but you need something to look forward to or at least I know I do.

Well, that has gotten so much better in the last few months.  As you may recall we started looking for a house in May and it took some time, but we finally closed last month on a darling place in Avondale, AZ.  I call it my "Sun on Demand" house.  Boy last week when I got my chance to finally see it in person Arizona was in full summer mode.  It was 108 on most days and hot is just hot, not mincing words here.  You know what, I loved it!  The heat felt like a warm blanket surrounding me and made me feel whole.  I forgot about my back and was able to just be me.  I got to swim, but I still cannot do the crawl, just the breast stroke or dog paddle.  My foot still swelled up, but I don't feel the metal in my back when I have the heat.  It was wonderful. 

I love the house!  Yes, we bought it off the Internet, believe it or not and we did pretty good if I can say so.  It needs some TLC, but nothing that is not doable with a little $$$.  Yup, in one weekend I blew my furniture budget on paint - inside and out and flooring.  Oh well, at least it will look good, not sure what we will sleep on though :).  Gotta get the house ready for our big Monsoon Party to celebrate a few things that are milestones for us this year not to mention me being able to amble about.  Looking forward to many years and memories with friends and family at our little piece of sunshine in Arizona.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is Hope?

I have always been a hopeful person.  I look forward, I plan and I can't wait for the next thing that I am looking forward to.  So when you have hope you really have everything.  My version of hope has changed now.  I still look forward to finally getting our house in Arizona, to an upcoming trip, to the horse show next week, but I also hope for some different things. 

It has been nearly 6 months since my fall off of the horse and that day I hoped I would walk again, which I am doing.  I don't walk quite the same, but I hope one day to not feel like my right leg is like wood and I hope that my right foot will work the same way it did before.  I hope that one day I will forget the metal in my back and just feel like I did before.  I hope that I can live my life as I had planned.  I hope that I don't need more surgery, that my back remains stable, and that my feet stop tingling.  I still hope to ride as I had planned on my dream horse and to accomplish my riding dreams.  Today I remain hopeful. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Horsey Friends - Great Seeing You!

Wow, last weekend was great.  I decided to give it a try and drove to a paint horse show in Klamath Falls, Oregon for the weekend.  With many stops along the way and time to stretch I made it.  This show was so fun last year I really wanted to make it and enjoy it with my friends.  It was so nice to see so many of those whoI had ridden with last year and hugs go out to "D" and Lulu, both were surprised at my appearance suddenly there in K-Falls. 

I took the new camera and anointed myself the "unofficial" show photographer and many pictures were taken.  I just love this camera and it nearly out smarted me when I had to take video as well as pictures.  Love the fact that some of my horsey friends have changed their face book profile to pictures that I took last weekend.  Thanks L&L for making me feel like this camera will not outsmart me just yet!

The best part of the weekend was watching all my friends do so well with their horses.  Both Lulu and "A" from LPH had great classes and it was wonderful to see the Cali gals with their ponies.  Little "E" nearly brought me to tears showing that fancy boy "Melo" in the 3/4 year old Western Pleasure Triple Crown Futurity.  You go girl -she  placed second across the board against the "big girls," and boy can that little girl ride.

So happy to get to do what I love, if even from the side lines.  You can't take the horse out of the girl.  On to Monroe next weekend which sounds like it is going to be a fantastic show and I can hardly wait.  Giddy Up!